CBD oil

I heard a lot and was wanting to try this CBD oil to see if it helps with anxiety so I ordered some from Highland Pharms 500mg and when it came, the first thing I did was squirt some in my mouth.

My first reaction: okay, it smells like weed, tastes like weed but no thc, it isn’t weed. what’s the point? Hooker no sex

Then I started squirting some in my water (oil in water? i know but whatever) that I drink all day. Like .75ml /3 cups at a time (not sure if that’s a lot) x 3-4-5x a day (I drink a lot of water) and I started loving the taste.

By the time I was done with the bottle, I realized I didn’t have any anxiety attacks! I was calm and relaxed… like cucumber water but BETTER. shit actually helps. Oh Marley likes it too :p


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