What happened last night?

The funniest part about drinking at a bar or club is when it gets to that time in the evening where you get this burst of energy to just walk around into the wilderness….

I know I’ll be drinking, having a good time then get this rush in my veins to scavenge!!! And I don’t know what I’m looking for exactly but I’m walking around looking for something. (usually gravitate towards a guy that looks hot in the darkness of the club in drunk vision and he’s standing around with his friends wearing a hat)

But sometimes it’s not to find a guy… it’s just to look around. My purse? My phone? Wallet? Yea completely forgot I had any of that. I need to explore … so I go- I leave the table I’m at, the group/person I came with. Middle of convo with someone and they turn around… I’m gone.. I’m on the dance floor wooo! then I’m in the bathroom all ‘girl he doesn’t deserve you’…*looks in the mirror* my eyeliner is fucked.. omg sexy smokey. okay fuck it I’m gonna go smoke a cigarette…Then I continue walking round and round the place… wait where’s my drink?




Roll over the next morning like who are you and what are you doing in my bed?

And that’s how you get your ex-bf to burst into your room out of nowhere and throw you over his shoulder (no panties) and take you out to the parking lot for no reason while you’re hungover + Chlamydia.

So yea just drink at home. As funny as it may be to wake up next to a guy that looks completely different in the daylight when you’re sober, losing all your shit, blacking out and not knowing what the fuck is going on the morning after, you know the saying… “it’s better safe than…sorry” (why isn’t there a way to show I’m being sarcastic yet).

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