The Grocery Store

WHERE ARE THEY?! Jordan complained. I’m sick of this shit!!!!! I’ve lived here for years and out of ALL the places I come across ONE at Walmart??!!! Then she thought about it for a minute. But I guess it makes sense…

“Hot guys would shop at Walmart because they’re practical and want to save money and everything is cheaper there. Then a light bulb went off in her head. No… they don’t just shop at Walmart… Hot guys go to ALL different grocery stores! That’s where you find them! And they’re busy during the day at work or something so they probably go around the evening-ish? no late afternoon!!! Can you imagine working at one of them?”

Yes! over here! I’m Open! I can check you out! *A1 customer service*

How you doinnnnn?….*big smile* scans item *beep*

Did you find everything okay????… *so very concerned* *beep*

How’s the weather out there?….*i’m also interested in climatology * *beep*

mhmmm.. oh really??? yeaaa… I’ve been stuck in here…. *beep*

oooh where’d you find this? *beep*

Emily was like omg yessss then be like “soooo…. can i call you???”

Jordan laughed her ass off “Noooooo!!!” hahahahaha Wait….you think that would work? OMG who’s hiring?

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